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"... Super Junior will not die."
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140930 Hyuk at CBB:

Me: oppa I’m from italy!

Hyuk: Italy? Gracias?

Me: no!!! Grazie!

Hyuk: ah grazie grazie

Me: will u come in Europe for SS6?

Hyuk: maybe? Kkkkk

Me: wae wae? When???

Hyuk: I dont know~~~~

Me: liarrrrr 

Hyuk: noooo really idk

** Then I asked to shake hands and he said again Gracias? And I was like “oppa!!!! No!!! Its grazie!” And he went “arasso arasso grazie kkkkk” **


eunhyukee44: choco choco #choco #choco

Best fan award goes to ELF 


i like how everyone is like WE NEED HEECHUL TO RUN SMENT.

and then there’s real life heechul who calls ryeowook on tv to ask him to make food because he can’t feed himself lol

donghae861015: Shoot something !! :) have sweet day love you all !!! & I need ur love


lol i’m fucking done with sm’s bullshit

1.  RELEASE A STATEMENT ON JESSICA - I honestly really hope it was a hacker, but not seeing her with the other members is freaking me out. 

2.  Sehun changed his IG status to “L” then “EXO Saranghaja.”  And unfollowed all his hyungs.  Something is definitely up.

3.  Pictures of what looks like Luhan holding photos of Kris are circulating.  Jesus fucking christ what is going on??

it’s confirmed..


jessica is really no longer apart of snsd. according to this article, snsd will continue to promote as 8.


In honor of Super Show 6 starting and the wonder I feel at being here in Seoul for SJ’s 7jib Comeback, I present to you this MAMACITA Giveaway!!


3 Super Junior MAMACITA Ver. A albums
1 Super Junior MAMACITA Ver. B album


*There will be 4 winners.* *Each winner gets one album.* 
I will contact the winners in order, and they will have their pick. (Unless there is an exceptional situation in which I will try to negotiate between winners~)


- You do not have to be a follower. (If you are going to follow just for this giveaway, please don’t, that’ll just make it sad lol)
- I will ship internationally!
- Likes do NOT count.
- Reblogs DO count, BUT only up to SEVEN reblogs bc 7jib (keke) and bc I don’t want you to spam your followers lol
- NO giveaway blogs please.
- Winners will be chosen by
- Please have your askbox open! :) And Respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.
-& Must be 18 or older or have parents’ permission to give out address and email address, and be comfortable with it~ 

Any Questions? Please ask me! :)

Giveaway STARTS on ‘Super Show 6 in Seoul”s opening night!

Giveaway ENDS 11:59 pm (KST) OCTOBER 17th, 2014!

Additional prizes might be added~
(since I’m here in Seoul ^^)
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Expressive Pencil Drawings By Dino Tomic

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