Henry reactions to rapper ZhouMi

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Let’s not forget to vote!



Kyuhyun (He’s currently 2nd!)

Super Junior (Currently leading on best K-pop Male Group)

Yesung (Best main vocalist)

Kyu is now at 1st place!

But Yesung needs some ELF love, he’s third!

Go go go go <3 You can vote up to 19 times!

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@leedonghae: I’m shopping in Japan before I go to China !! :D Japan weather’s really good ~~ beautiful Sun , nice people , cute kids … I can’t live with out ELF miss u & love you :)

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In which Puff wants Heechul to wear ladies underwear

She knows him better than we thought…

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Naughty Heenim attacks

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Sexy blond Min 

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SJ-M ‘Swing’ Live Performances + Colors

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36&37/100 pictures of Kyuhyun’s dork smile